Additions, Renovations & Remodels

More than 35 years of custom building experience.

Geise Construction started in 1985 as a remodeler. As we gained experience and focused on quality craftsmanship, we were able to renovate. Though the terms renovation and remodel are often used interchangebly they encompass slightly different things.

When we remodel a space, we rearrange it, make repairs, and generally make the space more suitable. When we renovate, we replace or rebuild the space. Sometimes, renovations include building an addition.

At Geise, we don't get hung up on the definitions of remodel, renovate, or addition. We build your dreams with a quality workmanship that's hard to find in today's instant, gotta-have-it-now marketplace.

Design Build

As a full service design build firm, we make the design of the renovation, remodel, or addition fit the existing house. The new construction will look as if it was there from the beginning.

After we design the outside, we look at the feasibility of the the structure and the mechanical services installations.

Experience Required

Remodels, renovations, and additions contain a lot of hidden and unexpected problems. Our experience as a custom remodeler helps us overcome the potential problems, such as removing load-bearing partitions, moving mechanical services, and blending the new work into the existing building.

Customer Testimonials

“A great deal of the love we're feeling for our first post-renovation holiday season can be attributed to the perfect home you built for us.”

—Jody, Ellen and Kitty

We’re the family in a family-owned business.