Household Maintenance Services

No job is too small for us.

We perform service and maintenance work for many of our customers and referrals, including adjusting doors, checking spouting, and replacing lights. There are many small home-improvement items that need doing around the house, and we're happy to help out.

We schedule household maintenance projects based on our current work schedule and the weather. If we're working in someone's home, we try to minimize the disturbance to our current customer's life by staying with a job until it's completed; therefore, we will never rush through a job just to get to the next project. It might take us longer to get to your home, but you'll receive the same respect from us.

Sometimes, inclement weather may prevent us from working on our current jobsite, which provides an opportunity to complete items on your household maintenance list.

Customer Testimonials

“A great deal of the love we're feeling for our first post-renovation holiday season can be attributed to the perfect home you built for us.”

—Jody, Ellen and Kitty

We’re the family in a family-owned business.