Green Construction

Certified green builders.

We're certified green builders who incorporate green building materials and methods as a matter of standard practice. Here are a few ways we make your home greener:

  • We ensure your home is properly insulated.
  • We choose energy efficient doors and windows.
  • We select properly sized heating and cooling units for your home.

Almost any feature in your home can be made green by improving energy efficiency, resource efficiency, or air quality. For example, installing a programmable thermostat is a green building decision because it reduces energy consumption.

Feel free to contact us for more information about how to make your home greener.

Benefits of Green Construction

Green building provides many benefits to you.

Increased Comfort
Green homes are more comfortable, safer, and healthier because they use higher quality building materials.
Lower Utility Bills
Your utility bills are lower because green homes are more energy and water efficient.
Increased Value
The durability and energy efficiency of the green building materials increase a home's value.
Reduced Maintenance/Repair
Green building materials are designed to last longer, which not only reduces the environmental demand for replacement materials but also creates a more durable product that requires less maintenance.
Mortage Savings
You may qualify for an Energy Efficient Mortage (EEM) that encourages the design and construction of green homes.


Customer Testimonials

“Thanks for your patience, understanding, and skills to get everything just right to make our ideas a reality. It's nice to know there are still people who take such pride and pleasure in their work.”

—Tonya, Lana, Tyler and Stephen

We’re the family in a family-owned business.