Design Build

Geise can design and build your dream.

The design of your home, remodel, or renovation is more than a drawing. It's sketches, pictures, and on-site meetings that take place over several months to make sure we get the details right. As construction progresses, we constantly check our work to make sure our construction fits the design. However, we will explore our options when we recognize a design improvement or a more aesthetically pleasing option.

You have the vision of what your home should be, and we have experience to build it. As the design and construction processes evolve, both Geise and our subcontractors have the skill to make suggestions, changes, and alterations based on the vision you have of your dream home.

This commitment is a custom experience and part of what makes Donald Geise & Construction unique.


As a design build firm, the designer actually builds, remodels, or renovates your house. When we build, renovate, or remodel your home, we share your vision and are able to build the way you want it. Throughout the design phase, we spend many hours and have countless conversations about building your dream. When we step on to the jobsite to build your home, we bring all those conversations with us, and they contribute to the work we do.

We believe in your vision, and treat it as our own.

You don't have to track down the "right" person to answer your questions and you don't need to wait long for the answer. When you build with us, you can stop by the construction site to ask your question and get your answer.

Customer Testimonials

“We're enjoying our new home and you're welcome to stop by anytime to visit.”

—Mike and Pam

We’re the family in a family-owned business.